Sunday, January 24, 2016

Learning session 1 - 9th February 2016


Slides from introduction (PDF 2MB)                       

Keyboard Typing tutorial


Computer Mouse tutorial                                 Session 1 slides  PDF (3MB) and PowerPoint Slides (5MB)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Course Information

Prepare for Computing  February 2016

Course Start Date: Tuesday 9th February
Course Finish Date: Friday 8th April
Where: ***

Details of teaching arrangements
8 week course – 4 hour sessions
Monday, Tuesday and Fridays 9:30pm – 1:30pm
Including breaks

Learning resources required
Computer, internet, applications
USB removable device.
Learning and Assessment resources.
Earbuds or Headset with a microphone

Computing skill set from 10087NAT Certificate I in Access to Work and Training (Introductory) and 10088NAT Certificate I in Access to Work and Training

Unit/Cluster Title & Code
NSWTTCH102 Apply skills to use emerging technology
NSWTTCH104 Prepare to use the internet
NSWTTCH105 Prepare to access a personal computer
NSW TTCH106 Prepare for word processing
NSWTTCH107 Prepare to use email


E-mail: ***
Team Manager 

Important Student Information


The Administration Office at the *** Campus is open:
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm    Phone: ***

Food and Drink

*** Book Shop has coffee/drinks available and a small selection of hot/cold foods. There is a lounge area next to the book shop. Toilets are located nearby. This is located at within the *** Campus.


Every *** campus is Smoke-Free. This no smoking policy
Refers to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, pipes or similar and cigars. This means that there is no smoking anywhere any property owned by ***

Unique Identifier Number – Your USI

All students will be required to obtain their USI number. ***will not be able to issue Certificates/Statements of attainments without it.  We will assist with obtaining your USI.  A letter containing your ISI number will be sent to you a few weeks after creating your USI number. Your USI creates a secure online record of all your training and results which you will be able to access from 2016.
Visit the website for more information

Library Services

The *** Library is open most week days from 8:30am. Closing times are posted on the door or visit *** Click ‘About Us’ and select your chosen library to get their opening hours and other information.
Books, videos and DVD’s can be borrowed.  Bookings for the use of computers can be made.  Other services are also available. (E.g. laminating, photocopying, scanning).

Student Counsellors

For personal or career counselling call ***, or call the Disability Liaison Officer on ***.


A grievance can be about anything done, or not done, by another person or persons that you think is unfair, unjust or upsetting to you.  It could be related to a decision that affects you or related to unacceptable behaviour.  It can include issues of discrimination, harassment or victimisation.  Please refer to Student Grievance Policy and Procedures (available from Client Services Centres) and Complaints, Grievances and Feedback on the Student Information Sheet.


Welcome to Prepare for Computing

This fun computer course will introduce you to computing skills to help you explore your personal interests or reach your study and employment goals. The Prepare for computing course includes a skill set of 5 computing units.

We will be discovering Google apps, using free web applications to search the internet, send email, create documents, and create presentations while using emerging technology; including: Gmail, Blogger, Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Maps, Earth, Chrome and Google Search.

Learning includes turning on and shutting down a personal computer, to understanding the cost and availability to access computers. Exploring the internet will include, searching for information, the conditions of use of the internet, copyright, privacy and security issues. You will search for online information, create documents and print your final products.

By the end of the course you should be able to: identify features and use of emerging technology; recognise key computer terminology (computer hardware and software); read and interpret print and online instructions to access and use technology; use an iPad and a variety of web applications.

During the course you will have access to various resources to support you learning. Your teacher will provide computer instruction, demonstrations, as well as individual and group assistance, along with class discussions to support your learning.

Learning resources 

  • An Introduction guide outlining important course and student information.
  • An Assessment Guide outing assessment tasks and assessment information.
  • Learning guide 1 with access a personal computer and prepare to use the internet information.
  • Learning guide 2 with Google applications information.
  • Learning guide 3 with Emerging technology information.

The above resources will assist with developing your computer skills, and transfer of your skills and knowledge to use within your own experiences outside of the classroom.

Continuing Pathway

If you are eager to further enhance and extend your computing skills and knowledge a ***Computing course in available (Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology). This course is of 9 weeks duration and is delivered Monday, Tuesdays and Fridays each term.